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or too scared of you久久精品无码一区二区小草

Ginny paused outside the door to the Room of Requirement and chewed her bottom lip. She’d been a little surprised to be awoken by the insistent tapping of an owl outside her dorm window so early in the morning – it wasn’t even quite light outside – but that was nothing to her surprise when she’d recognized her brother’s untidy scrawl on the parchment asking her to meet him straight away.She took a steadying breath and slipped into the room, casting a quick locking spell as she entered. She smiled to herself as she noticed how vastly different the room looked in comparison to the night before. The big bed on which she’d played with her lovers and her brother was gone, a low table surrounded by a squashy sofa and arm chair in its place. Ron stood on the far side of the room, one foot propped on a window box as he looked out onto the school grounds, watching the pink and orange glow of the slowing rising sun."What do you want, Ron?" yawned Ginny. "It’s still so early and we were all out late last night."Ron turned and motioned toward the sofa, willing Ginny to sit there, as he seated himself in the arm chair and fixed his eyes nervously on her face."I wanted to talk to you about Hermione," he began hesitantly, color creeping into his cheeks, "and about you, well, about the two of you. I thought maybe you could tell me, you know, what I should do when I’m alone with her. When getting things started is up to me.""You’re kidding, right? Hasn’t Dad given you "the talk" yet?"Ron frowned slightly and quirked up an eyebrow. "Well, yeah, I guess. He actually talked to me and Harry at the Burrow, this past summer, the night before Harry’s birthday. I think Harry was kind of touched Dad included him, I mean, who’d want to hear about sex from Harry’s Uncle Vernon, but it was still a horrible experience. Dad kept saying stuff like ‘I know you boys are getting old enough to experience feelings that could be a bit embarrassing if they popped up at the wrong time’ and assuring us it was ‘perfectly okay to take the problem in hand, rather than to rush into something with a girl before you’re sure she’s the right one for you.’ It was dead embarrassing, particularly since Harry and I had been taking each other’s problems in hand for well over a year." Ron paused, then he laughed, "Dad would do a knut if he’d known he was giving Harry how-to lessons for buggering his own daughter."Ginny threw a pillow off the sofa at Ron’s head before he could continue with that particular line of thought."But seriously, Gin, Dad told me and Harry all about the mechanics of sex – you know, Tab A goes into Slot B – but he didn’t tell us a thing that would help us get a girls pants off in the first place so we try out the tabs and slots.""Maybe Mum should have talked to you," Ginny teased, and Ron blanched. "She cornered me and Hermione three days before we came back to school. Hermione had already had ‘the talk" from her parents, Mum and Dad together, but her parents are dentists you know, and I don’t think they really told her much of anything useful. From what she told me, it was all pretty clinical and made it sound like something you would really only want to try if you were hoping to produce a child.""Mum was really good about it though, and even though she managed to cover the ‘mechanics’ as you called it, she was pretty candid about certain activities make you feel and how we could expect our bodies to react to them. Then she gave us this book about sex, with pictures and everything, to familiarize us better with a wizard’s body. It was called The Modern Witch’s Guide, or something like that. Hermione has it now. But Mum told us we were to study it carefully, but not to plan on taking any tests on what we’d learned until well after seventh year.""That’s great, Gin, but it doesn’t help me one sodding bit. You know exactly how to please Hermione. I’ve watched you do it, and more importantly, you obviously know how to get her out of her clothes, so tell me what to do!""Oh!" Ginny was surprised Ron’s nerve at asking her so directly, "Well, umm, let me think a minute. Our first time was sort of unintentional. She was at the Burrow, well, you remember the day we all went to the lake summer before last and we got so sunburnt?"Ron nodded, and Ginny told him, in considerable detail, the story of how a simple application of sunburn potion had led to her intimate relationship with her friend. Ron shifted in his seat and absently adjusted the erection that had begun to strain against his flies as he listened to Ginny talk, then realized what he’d done, and hoped she hadn’t noticed."It’s okay," she said teasingly to her brother, glancing rather pointedly at the bulge he had failed to hide. "It has the same effect on me when I think about it, only girls have the advantage that it isn’t quite so noticeable.""I’m really sorry, Gin," Ron said, still squirming a bit in his chair, "I shouldn’t be getting like this when it’s just you and me and we’re trying to have a serious conversation, but after watching the two of you together, it’s kind of easy to forget you’re my sister.""Don’t worry about it, Ron. If I hadn’t kept telling myself you were my brother last night, I’d have probably wandered across a few lines I shouldn’t have crossed."The two siblings sat in silence for a few moments before Ginny spoke again. "Well, since you have me here, maybe you could give me a few tips on how to, umm, well, how to – you know do things to Harry. I’m not exactly as keen on book learning as Hermione." She worried her bottom lip expectantly as she waited for Ron to answer.Ron looked a bit flustered at that, but swallowed hard and said "OK, sure, but first you’ve got to help me with Hermione. We didn’t exactly start out like you and Harry, and even though she’s been my best friend for years, it’s always been awkward being alone with her. If it’s like that now, I’m doomed."Ginny told Ron about some of the non-physical stuff she used to do with Michael and with Dean, and stuff she did with Harry before he and Ron caught her with Hermione; things like long walks around the school grounds to watch the sun set and picnics on a blanket down by the lake on sunny afternoons. She told him that Harry liked to go up to the Astronomy Tower on stormy nights to watch the lightning, and since the tower is a pretty popular make-out spot, thunderstorms are the best time to go if you’re nervous because the thunder and lightning would give the girl a good excuse to cling to him for protection, making it easier to start something more. Ron looked at her rather sharply at that point, and Ginny laughed. "Well, it didn’t work so well with Harry because he was either too much of a gentleman, or too scared of you, but I certainly tried."Ron grinned at her then, and blushed a little as he asked, "So what about the physical stuff then? What does Hermione like?""You seemed to have that pretty well covered last night, Ron. I don’t really think you need my help."Ron told her what he’d feared the previous night, how if you poured enough chocolate on her bits and concentrated hard enough on licking it off, you were bound to hit the right bits every once in awhile. Ginny snickered at him, but then took pity on him and tried to answer his questions."Well, I think you’re probably okay on snogging, since you got plenty of practice with Lav Lav the first of the year, and I assume you’ve been practicing with Harry for awhile based on the show you two gave us last night," Ginny teased, "and you seemed to know what you were doing when we were kissing, so just keep up the good work on that. Hermione likes kissing, and she likes having her neck and earlobes kissed as well, but I think you can do that okay since you’re good at basic snogging."Ron nodded and Ginny continued, "I’ll guess that you’re okay with breasts and nipples as well, since I noticed you teasing Harry’s last night. Just remember that girls are bigger there, so they might want a bit more time and attention than you’d give Harry. Massage them with your hands, and squeeze them a little, but not too tightly. Hermione’s nipples are awfully sensitive, so be careful of your teeth. The way you went at Harry’s might be a bit too much for her, unless she’s already really aroused.""Okay, got it, I guess," Ron shifted a bit in his seat, "So what about the bits that are nothing like Harry? I never did anything besides snogging with Lavender, except for once I did get to feel her tits, but just through her clothes."Ginny held back a giggle,在线亚洲人成电影网站色www knowing that allowing it to escape would do nothing to further their conversation. She curled her legs up under her on the squashy sofa and fixed her eyes firmly on Ron’s trainers before launching into a highly educational monologue about female anatomy and pleasure points, and where to touch and stroke and tease with his hands and mouth and tongue. When she felt she’d fairly adequately covered all the bases, she looked up at him expectantly, but was hugely disappointed to note that his eyes had glazed over, much like they would in Professor Binns’ History of Magic classroom, and he held a rather pained expression on his face."Ron?" she whispered softly."Huh?" he answered, trying to refocus on the present. "I’m sorry, Gin, but you just really lost me somewhere between the clitoris and the g-spot. The information was more useful than what Dad told us, but half the time I wasn’t sure what in the hell you were talking about, and what I did understand kept making my brain wander off to figure out how to make it work. Could we maybe try that again a bit slower? And could you put it in a bloke’s words instead of like Hermione or some sort of talking library book?"Ginny pressed the heels of her hands against her forehead and sighed. This really wasn’t an easy conversation to have with her brother, but she knew it was important to him, and to Hermione as well, even if she didn’t know about it. She chewed her bottom lip a moment, thinking about how to begin again, then seemed to make a decision and pulled her wand from her pocket."Okay, Ron, don’t freak out on me or anything, but I think this will work better," Ginny said quickly, then waved her wand and banished her clothing before she had time to change her mind."GINNY! What are you doing?" squeaked Ron, clearly panicking as his face turned nearly purple from embarrassment."Relax Ron, you’ve seen me naked twice in the last week, so it’s no big deal. I think it will be easier to show you some stuff, than to try to explain it all with words, and besides, you weren’t blushing that bad last night, so get over it."You can’t blush when your blood supply has all gone south," said Ron. "And what do you mean show me?""Well . . ." Ginny said hesitantly as she scooted back into the corner of the sofa and propped a foot on the cushion, allowing her legs to part so that Ron had a very clear view of her snatch, "try to pay attention to what I’m saying, but watch what I’m doing, too." Ron’s eyebrows disappeared completely under his fringe.Ginny then gave Ron a thoroughly agonizing lesson on where exactly to find a woman’s clit, showing him explicitly how she could stroke it and manipulate it with the flat of her fingertips to get herself all wet and hot and bothered. She slid two fingers into herself and used her thumb to rub it, explaining that was how she drove Hermione over the edge, then she slid her glistening fingers out of herself and used them to massage her little nub while explaining that was how Hermione got her off. Poor Ron watched and listened with rapt attention, shifting constantly in his chair and occasionally pressing the heel of his hand against his flies to ease the ache he was experiencing.Ginny’s body was flushed and she’d thoroughly worked "that" need up within herself, all in the name of helping out her brother. "Why don’t you come try it a bit, just to see if you understand?"Ron’s eyes bulged. "What?""Oh, come on. You had your hands on me some last night."Ron’s heart was pounding, both from nerves and anticipation, but this was all in the name of education, right? Like in McGonagall’s class when you first get a lecture on the theory behind a particular type of transfiguration, then you have a sort of hands-on practice session where you actually attempt to perform the magic. He swallowed hard and knelt in front of Ginny.Ron just sort of froze, eyes fixed on Ginny’s red curls as if he were hypnotized, so she took his hand in hers and placed it first on her breast. He looked up at her, eyes round and looking rather like an owl, but she nodded encouragingly at him, so he raised his other hand to cup the other breast as well. At first he just palmed them, sort of getting acquainted with their shape and weight, then he gave them an experimental bounce. Ginny made a rather contented sound like a cat’s purr and Ron relaxed a bit. He rubbed her breasts with the palms of his calloused hands and teased the pads of his thumbs across her nipples. Occasionally he gave them a gentle squeeze, eliciting a slight shiver from Ginny, who was all the while making soft sounds that suggested he was doing it properly."That’s really good, Ron," she finally whispered, "but of course with Hermione, you may want to do some of that with your mouth as well, even without chocolate sauce. So maybe now you’re ready to move down to the next lesson, huh?"Ron looked nervous, but trailed his hands down Ginny’s sides to rest at the curve of her hips. Very slowly, he inched his way across the tops of her spread thighs towards her center, and then he hesitated."I’m already so wet, Ron," Ginny murmured, "Your fingers will slip inside really easily, just like they did last night." Ginny moaned softly when he followed her instructions, sliding in two of his fingers, "and now use your thumb to rub against my clit while your fingers move in and out a bit." She lowered her own hands between her legs to help open herself up for him.Ginny squeezed her muscles around Ron’s fingers as his thumb began to stroke her little bundle of nerves, and Ron reached down with his free hand to undo his flies and free his aching erection. He continued stroking Ginny with his thumb and fingers, avidly watching her face for her reactions, to see if he was doing it right. Once in awhile, she’d murmur for him to move his thumb a bit left or a bit right, but otherwise he was apparently doing things properly."So good, Ron," Ginny moaned, "Hermione will love this!" She clamped down on his fingers rather hard, and Ron felt the rush of warmth and wetness when Ginny climaxed in his hand.Ron continued to stroke Ginny through her orgasm, and was about to take his hand away from her as her breathing returned to near normal. "More Ron, like you do to Harry," she urged. He looked confused, and Ginny flushed a bit, "You know, lower."Ron slipped his fingers out and hoped he’d understood her properly as he stroked his fingertips downward to massage her wetness against her tight little pucker. When she arched her back to press against his hand, Ron gently slipped his index finger inside her and she moaned loudly. He twisted his hand around so he could again tease her clit with his thumb as he stroked her very tight channel with his finger. No longer being able to stand the strain of his own arousal, he wrapped his free hand around his prick and pulled it slowly. He could tell when Ginny found her second release by the way she screwed her eyes shut and her muscles clenched all over. As she came down, Ron whispered a cleansing charm on the two of them, and, a little reluctantly, pushed up off his knees and sat at the far end of the sofa, using his jumper to hide his swollen cock and his open flies from Ginny’s view."Hermione won’t have any complaints, Ron," Ginny complimented, "That was brilliant! But, umm, I probably should tell you she doesn’t really go for that last bit. She doesn’t mind doing it to me, but she’s not much for having it done to her.""Then why did you tell me to do it?" Ron exclaimed, his voice sounding much like a twelve year old girl."Sorry, Ron," Ginny flushed, "I just, umm, really like it.""Oh, right then," Ron said, and stared fixedly at the floor.Ginny summoned her clothes and put them back on during a rather uncomfortable silence between the two redheads, while Ron fidgeted with his hands and looked everywhere except at Ginny. After she was done, and Ron still didn’t look at her, Ginny finally spoke, "So, are you going to teach me about Harry now?"

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