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half turning on the bed丰满年轻岳欲乱中文字幕
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half turning on the bed丰满年轻岳欲乱中文字幕

Why was I the one my boss decided needed to go on this goddamn training course? I’d been driving for nearly 4 hours from my hometown to the city of London, the rain was so thick even with my wipers on full speed I couldn’t see a thing, the beating of the water drowning out all other sounds, my tiny car struggling to get through god knows how many inches of water. The traffic was practically at a standstill, I would have to pull off soon, find somewhere to kip for the night and set of early in the morning to finish my journey.Half an hour later a sign for the motorway services finally appeared, not even hesitating; I indicated and pulled off up the slip. It was a dingy little services. Thinking I better grab some food I pulled onto the petrol station forecourt and dived into the kiosk. Grabbing a sandwich and some pop I tagged onto the end of the massive queue, gazing out of the windows I noticed a guy watching me, I had no idea who he was but I was sure he was definitely watching me.“That’s three pounds twenty please”.“Ummm, sorry what did you say?” Still staring at the guy outside, I didn’t hear what the attendant said. Repeating the price, I handed over the money and started heading out but on impulse something told me to ask the attendant if he knew him. “Sorry, do you know who that man is?” “What man?” I turned to point him out, and he was gone.“Oh, he must have gone. Well bye then.”Stepping out into the horrid weather, he was there right by my side. “Sorry if I scared you ma’am,” his American twang hit me immediately, as did his blue eyes.“You were watching me.”“Yeah, I thought I knew you. Listen I need some help. I’m staying at the inn over there for the night but my car won’t start and I need to get it from here to the car park. Could you steer it while I push?”“Um, sure, I guess. I’m heading there myself. Let me take my car over there and I’ll run back to you”I got in my car and drove over to the little inn just over the way, it looked a dump but it would do for a night. I hurtled back over to the attractive American guy, my white top turning transparent as I got pelted with cold rain. “Shit, that rains cold,” I must have looked a state as I skidded to a halt inches from him, I could feel my hair plastered to my head, my transparent t-shirt so obviously showing that I wasn’t wearing a bra, my jeans just weighed down by a ton of water, and my shoes squelching and squeaking with every step. “Hop in, I’ll push,” he said smiling at me. I did as he said and steered the car over to the inn, damn he could push fast, I’d been in broken down cars before and none had been pushed this fast before, this guy must have some serious muscles.Rolling to a stop, I got out and turned to run to the inn, “Thanks. By the way my names Damon.” The guy shouted after me.“No problem, Damon. See you around.” I shouted as I began to run towards the door of the inn and out of the cold. I sighed with relief as I reached the door. “If you want a room, you’re too late, there’s none left,” an obnoxious blonde woman with obvious fake tits behind the desk said to me as I dragged my sodden body to the reception desk.“What? Please tell me you are not serious.”“Does it look like I’m joking honey?” She pointed at the rack of empty key hooks, I swore to myself as it hit that she wasn’t kidding, she didn’t look like the sort who was able to make a joke anyway. “Hey, Barbie, is my room a double?” Damon shouted from the staircase he was just beginning to ascend with an arm full of luggage.With a sickeningly sweet smile, the blonde bimbo lent over to show a load of cleavage off and in her best imitation husky voice replied, “Of course it is sugar”.Turning to me, Damon said “Free to hijack the other half of the bed if you like.”Without a second glance and the blonde bimbo, I ran after him up the staircase. Up three floors, I was out of breath and dripping water everywhere, but finally we were at his room. He ran the access card through the reader and entered the room. It was nothing special, a chair in the corner, double bed with white sheets and covers, white walls, a TV and a connecting shower room. “Umm, I left my change of clothes in the car” I released. I was soaked through with no change of clothes near me, and a hot stranger. Great. “Well there are towels in there. And I promise I won’t look if you climb into bed naked.” Rolling my eyes I headed towards the shower. Hot water wouldn’t half feel good right now on my frozen body. I flipped the water tap and nothing happed.“Water doesn’t work.” I half grumbled to myself and half shouted to Damon.I dumped my wet clothes on the floor of the bathroom and wrapped myself in a towel. Holding onto the top of the towel to keep it slipping down I grabbed the other towel and attempted to sponge dry my hair. “Damon? Could you do me a favour and dry my hair? I can’t hold this towel up and dry that too”“Sure thing, honey. “ I sat myself on the edge of the bed and let Damon kneel behind me, gently massaging the water out of my hair. “That feels, so, so good” I moaned out, eyes half closed and my head tipped back, “you’ve had practise.” A deep laugh escaped him and I felt his lips near my earlobe, “I’ll do pretty much anything for an attractive lady”. Chills ran down my body as his hands touched my shoulders and neck. I’d known this guy for less than half an hour, yet his touch felt so right, I couldn’t believe I wanted him to touch me like this. I hadn’t even let my boyfriend do this, though if my boyfriend touched me like that I wouldn’t get the feeling my skin was burning like I was now. It was like ice and fire, my skin so cold and his so hot his touch made me feel like I was on burning. The bed moved as he climbed over to the other side and jumped off. “Well I’m getting in bed while you do whatever.” I said to him, half turning on the bed, “Thanks for letting me share your bed.” He briefly held his hand up in response as he headed into the bathroom, a gesture I took as ‘don’t mention it’.I stripped off the towel and chucked it over the end of the bed, in easy reach for when I had to get up in the morning. The bed was cold but I was in no doubt it would soon warm up, I stretched out under the cover and just lay there. It felt weird knowing a stranger would be sleeping in the other half of the bed while I was naked, but it was exhilarating at the same time. Half asleep, I heard him stroll into the room. “You still awake?” He whispered. “Yeah, and my names Ally, since you never asked. “ He chortled to himself. “Names mean nothing unless you’re having sex, “ Damon said as he climbed into the other side of the bed in nothing but his underwear. I was right about the muscles; he had a body to die for. “Are you trying to say you want to fuck me?”“I won’t lie; it’s not my kind of thing. You’re hot; of course I want to fuck you”“Why don’t you try it?” I had no idea what I was doing, I had a boyfriend, but I was basically asking this Damon guy to have sex with me. I must have a death wish. Or was just desperate for a good fucking. We both lay there for a while; I thought he wasn’t going to do it, bluffing when he said he wanted to fuck me, not wanting to take on my challenge. I gave up waiting and turned onto my right side, curling myself up to keep warm. I was beginning to drift off when I felt his warm hand touch my side, running along my ribs and down my stomach. Automatically I lifted my leg up allowing access to my vagina. As his hand ran over my hip and clasped my buttock, he pulled himself nearer to me, pushing his lips roughly onto mine, biting and erotically pulling at my lower lip. I grasped the hand that was on my buttock and pushed it round to the front, desperate for his hand to touch me. Legs parted ready, my juices beginning to flow just at the thought of him touching me.“I’ve never done this before” I moaned into his ear. “My boyfriend won’t fuck me”“Just tell me if you want me to stop” he breathed into my ear, teeth scraped my earlobe. I briefly touched his hand again and waited for him to touch me. His fingers slid though my coarse pubic hair and between my lips,无码人妻久久一区二区三区 his middle finger rubbing over my clit. Unable to stifle my moan, I gasped out in pleasure as his finger moved along my slit, the tip pushing against my hole, touching the very edge. My pussy was aching; I wanted him to put that finger in me so much it hurt. “Ready?” he whispered into my ear. I shifted my leg a bit more, wanting him to have more access, to touch as much of me as possible.My heart was racing and my breathing was already heavy, I wanted this bad. I wrapped my hands around his neck as he nibbled at my earlobe. “I’m ready”Pulling his hand away from my pussy, taking care to rub his fingers over my clit, he grasped my hips with both hands and laid me flat on my back, all the while kissing down my neck and collarbone. His hand slid back to into my wet pussy again, this time he pushed his finger in, slowly but hard, his rubbing against the inside of me. With gentle twists, he pulled out with and dipped it back in again and again. I was moaning hard, god it felt good, my pussy was pulsing around his finger “harder,” I demanded. Inserting a second finger into my tight hole, I couldn’t breathe, his hard fingering sending my body into spasm, I arched my back underneath him “DAMON, HOLY SHIT” I shouted out, my pussy tightening, pulsing hard and fast around his fingers as his finger fucking brought on my first orgasm. Leaving his left his fingers where they were, my body began to relax again. Now that felt good. With a smirk, one side of his mouth lifting and his blue eyes glowed dangerously; he finally pulled out his fingers and asked, “Like that?” “That was good.”“You’ve felt nothing yet.” I had no reason to think otherwise. He flipped the covers from off us as I let go of his neck. Kneeling over me, I ran my hands down his washboard abs, wanting to go further but not sure if I should touch his dick or not. “You can touch him if you want” he sniggered. Needing no more telling I ran my hands over his underwear and then under them, as I ran my hand over his length I got a good indication of how big he was. “Dude, I can’t even get my hand around it” Smugly he responded “I don’t know anyone that can, a whole 9 inches of fat cock”. “Crap, that’s going to hurt isn’t it?” “Shall we find out?” I pulled down his pants and I got the full impact of his cock. I pressed my lips to the tip and heard him moan, teasing him, I licked up and down his entire length a few times, obviously not able to take my teasing any longer, he pressed his dick into my mouth, a good 7 out of his 9 inches choking me. I let him fuck my mouth a few times before I pulled away, my pussy beginning to drip at the anticipation of taking him inside of me. Looking him in the eye I almost spat at him rather and told him “I want you in me now” as I rubbed his hard length up and down a few times, his cock slick with my saliva. Smirking at me, he tore his cock out of my hand and moved back, rubbing his hand over my throbbing clit, I could feel myself getting slick. I spread my legs as wide as I could, but he grabbed my ankles and hoisted them into the air and balanced them on his shoulders. My lower back left the bed and he got me level with his dick. Without even asking if I was ready this time, he pushed the tip of his cock into me. It hurt, but I wanted him bad, further and further he pushed. Pleasure and pain overwhelmed me, I wanted to tell him to stop but I wanted him to carry on. “Fuck!” I screamed out, he looked at me and pushed further, I gasped as I felt his balls push against me. I’d somehow taken the whole of him. “Just fuck me!” With small thrusts he began to fuck me, as my pussy got accustomed to the foreign object inside of me, the pain began to fade and the pleasure took over. With every thrust I moaned as the friction started to make my pussy pulse. “HARDER, HARDER, HARDER”, with that his thrusts became stronger, his balls banging against me with every thrust, my juices running down onto the bed with every outward motion. I felt the orgasm building once again, this time more intense, I wanted to scream, my body tensed and my pussy tightened around his cock, “pull out”, this time he didn’t obey and just carried on fucking me, his orgasm so obviously building just as much as mine. I could barely breathe and his breathing was becoming ragged. “I NEED TO COME”, the force was so hard he had no choice, his cock both wrenched and pushed from my pussy as he pulled out and my intense orgasm released a torrent of liquid over both him and the bed. I had never felt anything like it, my entire body was aching with pure pleasure and my pussy unleashed its torrent of juice all over Damon. The sight of my orgasm finished Damon off, his load unleashed all over my stomach and pussy, mingling with my own juices. “You are going to pay for that.” Pushing my legs back towards my head, he ran his hands down the back of my thighs, holding my legs in position, moving himself back, he crouched, in front of my sopping pussy, hands half on my legs with his thumbs stretched out pulling my lips apart. I could feel his breath against my clit as his got closer, his tongue probing around in the moisture. Flicking at my clit and then proceeding to lap up every essence of the mess left from my orgasm. His tongue feeling so good against my swollen pussy, sucking and pulling at my clit until I was ready to orgasm again, a little more juice seeping from my hole, his tongue automatically licking the droplets and probing my hole for any more stray drops.“Fuck, that felt good,” I gasped as Damon stopped his tongue probing and I flopped back onto the pillows.“And you’re body is as wet now as you were earlier”“And we have no water. Want to go ask if they can fix our shower”“Ally, we’re both covered in cum with no dry clothes. How about round 2 instead?”With a giggle, I through the covers back over us awaiting him to begin his sexual assault again.


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